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Our Video Cookbook includes both the Desserts we make and ones we dress up!

Fun foods from France & Spain
We feature the full flavored style of the Catalan Region of France & Spain and some favorites from around the globe.

The Black Sheep Bistro's Video Cookbook Volume 1

The Entire Black Sheep Bistro's menu is on Vimeo!
Get them individually or the the whole menu with all the Appetizers, Main Courses, Desserts, Sauces and more!


Gateau au Chocolat
(House Specialty)
The Black Sheep adaptation a famous
chocolate mousse cake from St. Tropez
on the French Riviera!


Chocolate Mousse
We use both Belguim bittersweet & milk chocolate!


Italian Sundae
(Chef's Favorite)
Vanilla bean ice cream with our dark chocolate sauce
topped with a hot espresso.


(Diana's Favorite)
Freshly made cream puffs with
vanilla bean ice cream and our own
dark chocolate sauce.


Fresh Berries & Fresh Berry Tart

Chef's La Fantasia
(It's a surprise)

(Here's a White Chocolate Sauce)

Crema de Catalonia
Spain's creme brulee! Rumor (and history) suggest
creme brulee is actually a Spanish invention.

Plus our "Dressed Up Desserts"

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The Black Sheep Bistro

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