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Learn to SEASON by following our simple video instructions below !

Black Sheep Cooking Club Starter's Page
Here, on the starters page, you'll find a number of recipes and
"how to" guides to help you prepare Rick's dishes the same way he
made them at the restaurant. More importantly we'll show you how
to prepare the dishes the way you like them!

Learn to season the Black Sheep Way!

All our videos are now found on our You Tube Black Sheep Cooking Channel.
The ones featured here on site are .mov and uses
Quick Time Player, free download here!
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Seasoning! If you know how to season you can make anything taste good!

How to Season using Rick's Chef's "Salt"
Great tasting dishes depend on the final seasoning. Here we give you the tools to do it right! Many professional kitchens make their own "Seasoning" blend. This is why you can NEVER duplicate their dishes. Here, we show you how to make your food taste better than ever, with less salt!

After completing the above, you can expand what you just learned by branching out in the following ways;
For a tomato-y type sauce: add 2 Tbsps of tomato paste after your herbs but right before adding your water. Now season it!
For a creamy sauce: substitute the cup of water for 1/2 cup whipping cream and 1/2 cup water. Now season it!
Next step:
Quickly saute a handful of one of the following; shrimp, mussels, asparagus or some other flavorful vegetable in the oil for about 1 minute, add the herbs, and then either the tomato or cream suggestion above, bring to a boil and season! Now you're cooking! and you should be very pleased with the results. Hint - If you were to use this concoction over pasta or rice, you need to "over season" because your sauce must also season the rice or pasta. Make sense? Try it because this is the biggest difference between what we do in a restaurant and what most people do (or tend not to do) at home!

Rick's Chef's Salt

The Black Sheep Bistro's own special seasoning mix.

This one is a must because it gives our dishes their unique flavors. It's easy to make, tastes great on most everything, and it's great for gift giving to friends, neighbors and relatives all year round !

Health Wise!
The use of a "Chef's Salt" such as ours reduces the amount of real salt (or sodium) up to 60% or more. We feel in this day and age of so much sodium in already packaged foods, that you can still have well seasoned & flavorful dishes without all the salt!

Now you can see how we make
our full flavored Aioli Sauces on You Tube;

Our most popular Aioli sauces as we did them at the restaurant;
Garlic, La Rouille, Tarragon & Cilantro

A fast Aioli at home!

Places to find ingredients!

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