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Our Video Cookbook includes everything on this Black Sheep menu and more!


Fun foods from France & Spain
We feature the full flavored style of the Catalan Region of France & Spain and some favorites from around the globe.


The Black Sheep Bistro's Video Cookbook Volume 1
The Entire Black Sheep Bistro's menu is on Vimeo!
Get them individually or the the whole menu with all the Appetizers, Main Courses, Desserts, Sauces and more!


Sauces for sides or dipping; Aioli, La Rouille, Basil, Tarragon, or Cilantro.

Fresh Goat Cheese - with crispy garlic toasts.

Tri Shrimp - With Aioli, spicy la Rouille & Cilantro Aioli.

Escargot - In the shells with garlic butter

Cantimpalitos - The little Spanish sausages with garlic mashed potatoes.

Spanish Sausage Plate - An assortment for 2.

Iberian Pen-Style Dates - Sweet dates stuffed with Sobrasada, wrapped in jamon.

Tomato Salad- Marinated baby Roma tomatoes & aged Sheep's milk cheese.

Mussels Salchichon - With 2 kinds of sausage, onion, garlic, and potatoes.

Mussels Catalana - Steamed with potatoes & Aioli or spicy La Rouille.

Mussels Provencale- With garlic, parsley, and olive oil.

Papas Bravas - Potatoes served with a spicy cayenne pepper sauce.

Mushrooms Jerez - With garlic, herbs, & Sherry.

Baby Lamb Chops (3) With garlic and herbs.

Grilled Quail - With garlic and herbs.


Small - Large

Choice of;

Classic French style mixed
baby greens with tomatoes
and croutons
Black Sheep Caesar style made
with Romaine and served with
Sheep's Milk Romano & croutons.

Dinner Salads

You can add;
4 Shrimp - Today's Fish - Boneless Lamb Loin
Duck Breast - Quail 1 bird or 2 birds - Confit of Duck
New York Steak - New Zealand Baby Lamb Chops

Main Courses

Includes a complimentary salad maison.

Baby New Zealand Rack - Baked with 2 kinds of mustard and Herbs de Provence.

Spicy Lamb Harissa - 3 large California Lamb Chops with a spicy cayenne pepper/garlic sauce.

Baby New Zealand Lamb Chops Dragoncello - 6 chops with a Tuscan Tarragon/Garlic sauce.

Boneless Loin of Lamb "Catalana" rolled in cracked black pepper, grilled and served with Aioli.

Lamb Chops Spanish Style - 3 Large chops baked with garlic, olive oil & herbs.

Matt's Surf-n-Turf - We grill 3 baby lamb chops & 3 shrimp and serve them with Aioli.

Duck Breast "Steaks" - Grilled skin off, with a Honey Lavender sauce.

Pato Mio (My Duck) - A grilled Duck Breast with Lavender and a leg of crispy confit.

New York Steak - With Spanish style mushrooms & Sherry.

The Spanish Grill - 2 baby lamb chops, semi-boneless quail and 2 kinds of sausage.

Quail Provençal - 2 semi-boneless grilled with olive oil, garlic and Herbs de Provence.

Shrimp a la "French/Mex" - Two cultures reunite with this spicy Cilantro Aioli.

Seafood Sobrasada - Shrimp, today's fish, mussels, sausages, potatoes and vegetables.

Today's Fresh Fish with Aioli, La Rouille, Cilantro or 1/2 & 1/2.

Chicken Breast - A boneless double breast, choose; Aioli, La Rouille, Tarragon, Harissa, or Cilantro.


      Paella & Fideos     

Paella - Spanish Rice Dishes

*Paella "Oveja Negra" - Seafood & veggies w/black "Valencia" rice. (min. 2)

*Paella "Parellada" - Saffron "Valencia" rice with lamb, chicken, shrimp,
sausages, mussels and vegetables. (min. 2)

Fideus - Catalan Pasta Dishes

See a special video;
Fideo - Dish of the Year!

Choose; saffron, "blanco" (no saffron), or rojo (tomato) base.

Seafood Fideo - With shrimp, mussels, fish and vegetables.

Mixed Fideo - With shrimp, mussels, chicken, sausages & vegetables.

Veggie Fideo - Mixed vegetables.

Fideo Rustico - The lamb, sausage, onions, garlic, and mushrooms make it's own base.

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©2011 Just Good Fun and Richard & Diana Boufford

Original Menu from The Black Sheep Bistro, Tustin, California