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Black Sheep Cooking Club Tools!

Our goal at the Black Sheep Cooking Club is to teach you HOW to cook, not just follow recipes.

Learn to cook the way all chef's learn to cook, by watching the real thing!

Start with;
The Black Sheep Bistro's Video Cookbook Vol 1
the world's first Video Cookbook demonstrating a restaurant's entire menu.

Imagine being invited into a well respected restaurant's kitchen to look over the chef's shoulder to see how everything really goes together in the heat of the shift. In The Black Sheep Bistro's Video Cookbook Vol 1, you join chef Rick Boufford as he and his staff prepare the entire menu, right before your eyes on actual nights of business!
(See the preview here.)

The release of The Black Sheep Bistro's Video Cookbook Volume 1 on DVD is the beginning of The Black Sheep Cooking Club's "How to Cook Like a Pro" series. All Chef's have mentors and learn by watching somebody who knows what they are doing. That's why all these dishes are shot on site in a real, poorly lit, hot and fast working restaurant kitchen, where people are paying for the actual plate that's being made. This a one of a kind mentoring tool demonstrating every; appetizer, main course, dessert and includes the sauces, bread, rice, potatoes, confit of duck and more from Chef Richard ("Rick") Boufford's French-Spanish-Catalon inspired menu. You can see the Menu here, all the Desserts here.

Next you'll want to go into the kitchen and do it, and that's where The Black Sheep Bistro's Cookbook Volume 1 comes in. It's not a cookbook in the traditional sense, it's actually a workbook with a number of the same pictures used in the video to remind you of what you saw. It also includes the same written recipe you saw at the end of each of the videos, and Chef Rick's personal notes for that particular dish. Together, the DVD and the book provide one the most complete cooking courses available. And it's a heck of a lot cheaper and cooler than cooking school. (In fact learn these techinques before going to cooking school and you'll do quite well!)

Then there's "How To Party Like A Black Sheep" another demonstration video where you're shown some of the world's greatest "Party Dishes" for larger groups; Bouillabaisse, Cassoulet with Confit of Duck, Really Big Paellas, and probably the greatest party platter of all, Le Grand Aioli. For the kids there's the ultimate Pizza Party, where kids learn to make the sauce, dough and the pizzas themselves, all from scratch.

And, there's more. In the works is Volume 2, featuring the Black Sheep's nightly specials, soups and vegetables served. And to top it off, coming late 2010, we'll be adding our online subscription section for new and seasonal material shot in the Chef's home using ingredients found in the same open air markets you can shop at. You'll get to see first hand how a pro does it at home using the same stoves and equipment many people already have in their own kitchens. See the samples we call "Entertainment Videos".

And since Rick started cooking at age 7, we've also started a special section called "The Kids Corner" where everything is "so easy a kid can do it" and you'll see kids from five up cooking and cookin' like you've never seen a five year old cook! Point is, if they can do it, so can you!

Also in the online subscription department we'll be taking you to different places to help you see quality, value and unique ingredients not generally known to the public. And on a more entertaining level, because of our long standing in the restaurant community, once in a while we'll sneak you into some places not open to the public. Oh, one last thing, we'll also have a "guest chef" section where we'll be getting friends and associates in the industry to share their favorite dishes and procedures with you.

You'll find free samples and tips in our "Starters" section. You can begin right away by learning the most important aspect of cooking, Seasoning! We'll teach you how, here and now!

The Black Sheep Bistro's Video Cookbook Volume 1 - Now available on DVD at selected retailers listed above.

Also see Getting the most from the Video Cookbook!

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